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Workers compensation is to protect both employers and employees in the event of work related injuries or illnesses.


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Workers Compensation

When an injured employee seeks medical attention, we usually complete an initial report. This report outlines the details of the injury or illness, the diagnosis, recommended treatment, and any work restrictions or accommodations.

Injury Coverage

Workers' compensation medical benefits cover injuries or illnesses that occur in the course of employment. This can include accidents, occupational diseases, or conditions exacerbated by work-related activities.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses covered by workers' compensation can include doctor's fees, hospital bills, prescription medications, medical equipment, and other necessary healthcare costs related to the work-related injury or illness.

Medical evaluation

A medical evaluation may be required to determine the extent of the injury, the need for ongoing treatment, and the worker's ability to return to work.

Your GP will work with you to support your access to investigations eg pathology and radiology imaging, allied health input eg physiotherapy/occupational therapy and specialist opinions and treatment if necessary. 

The GP also liaises with the rehabilitation provider to support the patient’s suitable and safe return to employment. 

Workers Compensation

Workers' compensation paperwork ensures the worker, employer and insurance company have a clear understanding of the medical aspects of the injury or illness and the plan to support the worker’s safe return to their work place.

Workers' compensation is to protect both employers and employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses.